What Are The Benefits Of Dedicated Server Hosting Over Shared Hosting?

What Are The Benefits Of Dedicated Server Hosting Over Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting may be very economical on many cases, but it is not the solution things start to get serious on your website. As the name suggests dedicated servers are excellent secured datacenters, with outstanding uptime and totally dedicated allocated customer support. It is basically a rented server which you keep it just to yourself. Though it is less economical than shared hosting as you will be the only one paying for the whole server dedicated to you, but the level of authority you get over the rented server is not even compared to shared hosting. Here are some of the advantages which you get using the dedicated server hosting over shared hosting are-

  • Once the site starts growing, it becomes difficult for shared hosting to handle the upgradation, then it is suggested to shift your hosting services to VPS hosting. Though VPS hosting is a better option than shared hosting. VPS hosting pretends to be like dedicated private hosting server but in reality they have other commitments with some other VPS clients. So they might be better than shared hosting but not as efficient as dedicated server hosting. You get an ample amount of space just for yourself and because of no sharing, it provides no limitations on bandwidth range.
  • You being the customer of a dedicated server hosting are free to customize anything according to your requirements. You can even alter the server operating system that may fit into your specifications. You will get the flexibility to allot the resources as per your needs. The best part is that if you are not one of those technical nerds, no need to worry, you can have your own team which can manage your server environment.
  • With the adoption of dedicated server hosting you get a higher page upload speed as there are no competitors on your web hosting service provider and hence get a better uptime without any doubt. By better and uniform page upload speed means when the traffic increases on your website it becomes quite difficult working in a shared environment. When your website is under the habitat of dedicated server hosting, performance of the website improves substantially as all the server resources from CPUs to bandwidth are all together working as a team for improving the performance of your website only.
  • By selecting dedicated server hosting you get the privilege to gain the trust of your website’s visitors. With increasing level and kinds of threats of the misuse of your data or any details, people are more concerned about the privacy any website is providing their visitors. With dedicated server hosting it will like a cakewalk for the website to gain that level of confidence of its’ daily or occasional visitors. Especially if your website is dealing with any kind of health or financial information, then one must switch to dedicated server hosting as there is a lot of scope of threat in a shared hosting as thousands of websites and you cannot even think of compromising with such kind of your visitors’ information to be misused or leaked at any point of time.
  • The unfailing reliability of dedicated server hosting makes it far less vulnerable at the times when something new has to go online your website or during the time of sale or any other circumstances like these. As you will be having more than enough resources at the time of increased traffic.
  • It also helps in scaling up and down at times of fluctuating traffic. Hence dedicated server hosting wins in the case of scalability also.

Apart from these benefits of dedicated server hosting, are there any things to worry about?

After going through all the advantages we get in a dedicated server hosting, are there any drawbacks which comes with such an amazing package. But if you want to enjoy the exceptional services of dedicated server hosting, then there are somethings you need to keep in mind-

  • Dedicated server hosting may cost you an arm and a leg. As in dedicated server hosting apart from the hosting costs there are other associated costs also which you alone have to bear. But if all these expenses make sense in your kind of business then one must definitely go for it.
  • One more problem which might one face would be to hire technical stuff if he or she is not that much technically sound and cannot handle things like server setup, configuration, etc. by themselves.

But in a nutshell, dedicated server hosting is incomparable to shared hosting and after reading this you might get a far better idea about dedicated server hosting and you can decide that what kind of hosting plan you require.


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