At What Cost is It Possible to Avail Kyphosis Treatment in India?

At What Cost is It Possible to Avail Kyphosis Treatment in India?

You will be surprised to know that the Cost of Kyphosis Treatment in India is merely USD 9,000. However, depending on the condition of the patient, it can go max up to USD 13,000. 

No matter if you consider the lower or the upper limit of the expenses involved in the kyphosis surgery in India, you will notice that you can avail the cheapest treatment in the country. 

All other countries are offering successful kyphosis treatment charge a minimum of three to four times higher in comparison to that of kyphosis treatment in India.

Let us check the difference in the prices of treatment in India and other countries. 

The Price of Kyphosis Treatment in India and Other Top Countries:

The expenses involved in other countries for kyphosis are detailed as follows:

  • Thailand:

Let us start with Thailand, where the success rate of treatment is close to that offered in India. However, you might have to wait a bit longer for availing the surgery in Thailand due to limited resources. 

The price range for kyphosis surgery in Thailand is USD 11,000 to 19,000. 

The cost of treatment in the country is almost 1.5 times the price in India. Although if you consider non-medical expenses like food, lodging and others, you will end up spending three to four times higher in Thailand.

  • Singapore:

Next in the list of the countries providing a satisfactory medical treatment in Singapore. However, the cost of treatment is a bit on the higher side in Singapore.

The price for the treatment of kyphosis in Singapore is somewhere between the range of USD 20,000 to 37,000. 

You can compare the difference in the expenses. The expenses for the same quality of treatment in Singapore is approximately 2.2 times that compared to India. If a medical traveller plans his medical tourism for kyphosis to India rather than undergoing surgery in Singapore, he can save considerably.

  • The UK:

The next state that tops the list for offering a best-in-class treatment for kyphosis is the UK. Nw, when we talk about the cost of treatment, you would be shocked. The price of surgery is extremely high.

The minimum possible cost of kyphosis surgery in the UK is approximately 68,000 US dollars, and it can go as high as 103,564 dollars. 

The difference in the cost of treatment is almost eight to ten times when compared to India. Even if you include the cost of travelling, food, lodging, a good trip along with medical expenses then too you would save 40 to 50 % of the price if you plan your surgery in India


Kyphosis Treatment Cost India is the least, and the success ratio is maximum. It is one of the primary reasons for increased medical tourism in the country every year. 

So, if your doctor has recommended for kyphosis surgery, connect to the specialist in India now to recover at the earliest and give relief to your pocket.

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