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Torrent download platforms allow you to download large files in an easy and efficient way.

When it comes to downloading movies and TV shows for free, there is no other platform that offers you better control over the download experience than a torrent.

In this article, we are going to talk about the best torrent client software that you can use to download movies and TV shows for free. 

Why Torrent Download Movies?

The way torrent works are you directly download files from a server that is hosting the file. But you are not the only one who is downloading the file. There can be many other users who are also downloading that file, at the same time. This can create an unstable download experience in terms of download speed. 

But the upside of this is, the download doesn’t get interrupted. The download doesn’t stop, even when you shut down your PC. It will just pick up from where it stopped. This is what makes torrenting stand out from other mediums of downloading movies.

Best Apps for Torrenting Movies

In order to download movies with torrent, you first need a torrent client software. This software are a must because it is with using torrent client software that you manage the download of torrent files. 

Below are some of the best torrent client software that you can find online in 2021   


uTorrent is the most versatile solution for downloading torrent files. It is especially useful for downloading movies because it offers features like download scheduling, bandwidth allocation, and so much more. You can go premium with the software and get a version that doesn’t have any kind of ads. 

You can use the torrent interface to browser for movies. Or, you can download the movies torrent files from sites like khatrimaza full and open it in the uTorrent. This will start up the file download process.     


BitTorrent and uTorrent are essentially the same, but BitTorrent offers some additional features that you won’t find with any other torrent app. With this torrent client, you get to do web-based seeding and you can even review the torrent files for an enhanced experience. 

The interface of this torrent software is quite simple and makes the use of this tool easier for everyone. It is available as a Windows app and can be easily installed from 3rd party sources online. 


qBittorent is for torrenting beginners who have never downloaded content this way before. With its beginner-friendly interface, qBittorent created a fun download experience for its users. We like the way this software has been designing because it enhances the ease of use for its users. 

This tool doesn’t come with any ads and can be easily downloaded and installed from the internet. There is no additional bundled software with this tool that you’d need to install in order to use it.  


With its neat and efficiently designed UI, this torrent stands at the top line of the best torrent client software. It is one of the most powerful torrent client software that you can find out there. It offers features like torrent download, download via magnet link, virus protection and so much more. 

You can limit the bandwidth for the torrent files, do IP filtering and so much more, with this powerful torrent client. It is your best choice for downloading movies online.  


Deluge is multipurpose torrenting software that can be expanded with plugins and that offers features like Browser integration. Although the user interface of this tool is not so great, it is still your best choice for an awesome torrenting experience. The reason for this is simple since the UI is basic, this tool would be easy to use for everyone. 

We highly recommend this torrent software for beginners who are looking for a simple software solution for downloading torrent files.  

Torch Torrent 

Torch Torrent is actually an additional service that you can get access to by downloading the Torch Browser. When you install this browse, you get Torch Torrent service preloaded with it. It is one of the simplest solutions for torrenting movies. You can find more similar torrent software at Concept BB. You can also play media files with this software and keep track of the data consumption. It is a powerful, yet lightweight torrent download service for movies, that you have to check out. 

Wrapping Up

This is all there is to it about the best torrent software! We have reviewed some of the best apps that you can install on your laptop or PC to download your favourite movies via torrent. Some of these torrent apps are even available for mobile phone devices, which takes the ease of access to a whole new level.      

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