8 precious &useful tips for designing eye catchy nail polish boxes

8 precious &useful tips for designing eye catchy nail polish boxes

The nail polish is the most beautiful product in the cosmetic industry used to enhance its users’ personality. To complement the beauty of the nail polish, you need attractive packaging that can allure the customers. For that, you need to give special attention to the designing of the nail polish box. Designing it right will boost your business as the customers will be compelled to buy the items inside. So, here we are going to tell you the eight most amazing tips for designing this box that will prove helpful in gaining the attention of people. 

Choose the right material:

There was a time when the customers were satisfied with the plastic packaging used to pack the cosmetic items. But now the time has changed, and they are becoming more aware of the impact of plastic on the environment. So, it is highly recommended to choose the material wisely for your nail polish boxes. Going with the cardboard cardstock would be an incredible choice in this aspect as not only is it eco-friendly, but it also supports printing of various kinds. It may look rough to you, but in reality, it is smooth, glossy and make your printed stuff appear highly visible to the viewers. 

Add a die-cut window:

Who does not like to see the product first before buying it? Seeing the product first is every client’s wish, but unfortunately, the traditional packaging is a big hurdle for their wish being fulfilled. Do not worry, as the die-cut technology has opened the door for you to capitalize on this. You can use this technology to induce a transparent window on the lid, front, or any side of your nail polish boxes. Unlike other boxes, the window packages do not act as a barrier in product view but offer a sneak peek into the products even from a considerable distance. Follow this unique idea while designing your packages to offer a memorable experience to the buyers. 

Keep it simple and decent:

While designing the packaging of nail polish, you might get tempted to infuse some complex patterns and fuse color themes to get customers’ attention. Doing so can damage your brand reputation as the customers do not like complexity, especially in the packaging design. A simple yet striking packaging design can prove useful here. This is because it will omit the unnecessary details that confuse the buyers. In the packaging world, which is full of too many designs, keeping your approach simple will distinguish you from the rest and increase your customer base. 

Charismatic colors:

Perhaps, the color is the most important factor which can instantly persuade the customers to buy your cosmetic item. Therefore, use charismatic colors in your packaging design to give a classy look to your nail polish product. You can strategically use the colors to reveal the shades of the nail polish inside. For instance, if your nail polish shade is black, you can use this color in your packaging design to assist the customers in buying the desired shades. 

Make it luxurious:

Talking about nail polish specifically, it is a luxurious product. Therefore, its luxuriousness and premium nature must also reflect in the packaging design. For this, you can use silver foiling, which will enhance your items’ value and make them look expensive. The gold foiling is also useful in adding a luxurious effect to your nail polish packages. Foil stamping would be the best choice in this regard. This is because the foil stamps are visually more appealing and can give your cosmetic items a fantastic vibe. 

Accurate printing and finishing:

The printing can provide your nail polish packaging with an ultimate decorative appeal. You can use efficient printing techniques such as digital, offset, or spot UV printing to enhance the printed stuff’s elegance on your box. Identically, the finishing touch is also essential to provide your nail polish packages with a standard look. In this aspect, you can use gloss lamination, matte lamination, gloss UV, matte UV, embossing, etc. The excellent printing and impressive finishing will give an idea to the customers that you sell quality products. 

Appropriate typography:

How you present the printed information matters the most and shape the customers’ perceptions about your brand. So, you must pay heed to the typography. The font size and style must be appropriate and target-oriented. Use font sizes that are easily readable so that the customers can easily understand the printed information. You need to use relatively larger font sizes for the elder audience to offer them convenience in reading the printed details. Similarly, the font style must not be such that it hinders readability. Sans-serif, handwritten, script, and slab-serif are standard font styles that can be used to print the information regarding the nail polish products. 

Add haptic appeal:

The haptic appeal of your nail polish packages should be given weightage during the designing process. Given that most of the brands only focus on the visibility of their packaging, you can make a difference by creating tactile effects. Embossing and debossing can be used for improving the texture of your box. The customers always want to feel the texture of the box after its visual appeal has impressed them. If its texture is not good enough, the customers will never buy your product. The smooth texture of the nail polish packages will provide the customers with an ultimate sensory experience.  To sum up, an effectively designed nail polish box is an extraordinary method to present your cosmetic product. To make your box elegant and appealing, you can add a die-cut window. The addition of beautiful colors and a good choice of typography also add to its visual appeal.

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