The Smart Kitchen Revolution Is a Slow One

The Smart Kitchen Revolution Is a Slow One

As we have progressed through the past decade, huge development and changes have been seen in the entire industry extensively. Technology has helped the people to use different appliances, gadgets and various other items in order to provide more convenience and comfort. If you look very closely, then you will see that even in your own home, how things have turned smart and more efficient over time. Especially, when you are inside your kitchen, you are always using smart appliances and tools to accomplish your daily tasks even more easily. Gadgets like the Rotimatic Rotimaker is helping people to make their daily chores much simpler.

Smart Kitchen is the talk of the town right now. People are more interested to build a smart kitchen than ever before. Companies and manufacturers, as a result are working constantly to improvise and revamp their efforts to provide the people with the necessary tools to make their kitchen smarter. At the Smart Kitchen Summit 2019, we have seen some really amazing and innovative inventions which can really turn your kitchen into a smarter place to be in.

Companies are focusing on internet connectivity, artificial intelligence, Bluetooth integration and software platforms to be integrated into the appliances that are used. So, today we are going to talk about how Smart Kitchen Revolution is creeping into the industry and its impact. Find here some best Rotimatic reviews.

What we saw at the Smart Kitchen Summit?

If you have missed what were some of the really cool demonstrations at the Smart Kitchen Summit 2019, then have a look at these –

  • The June Intelligent Oven was one of the showstoppers of the event. This Wi-Fi connected countertop makes full use of cameras and user-friendly software that helps to recognize food and cook them automatically without human help. There are more than 365 products that can be identified automatically by the oven.
  • Brava Oven is another great device which was showcased in the summit. It comes with built-in camera and can be connected to your smartphone using their mobile app. The oven uses light to cook food and you can easily see your food getting cooked through the app as well.
  • The Hesta Cue cooking system has collaborated with GE Appliances in order to manufacture induction stoves and cook tops. So, from now you will be able to use Bluetooth integrated Hesta cook ware and your recipe app on your phone, will automatically control temperatures and other aspects of the cooking process.

You can see that there are so many new inventions which are being worked upon and will be available for the people in a few months’ time. These appliances and inventions are the elements that will make your kitchen smarter. click here to learn more about how to use roti maker

What are the challenges right now?

Even though the people are getting familiar with smart kitchen gadgets and appliances, it will take a lot of time still now, in order to make the Smart Kitchen Revolution a success. There are several challenges which needs to be taken care of before people can accept a fully revolutionized and technologically advanced kitchen.

The first and foremost challenge is the expense of maintaining a Smart Kitchen. Nowadays people can get a refrigerator within a price tag of $500 – $700. And that seems pretty affordable when compared to the latest refrigerators which comes with the smart features. Why? This is because they can cost you a minimum of $1500 – $2000 if you want to make your kitchen smarter. So, that is a huge hike in the price of the appliance which essentially should be affordable.

Secondly, not everyone has the space or right area to establish a smart kitchen inside their home. The idea of smart kitchen is more lucrative to those who have a large kitchen space and want to turn it into a smarter area to work in. But not everyone has the privilege to use such a huge space for cooking food. On top, a lot of people will not be in the need to use such features to make and prepare their food. Technology is only in need for those who need the convenience it is trying to offer.

Final Words – the Smart Kitchen Revolution seems to be slow and will take a lot of time in order to be more popular around the world. For now, companies should be working to provide the people with smarter solutions at a more affordable price. Standing in 2020, we can clearly say that it is going to take a few more years’ time before people can familiarize themselves with the idea of establishing a smart kitchen in their home and use it effortlessly. Don’t forget to check out the Rotimatic Rotimaker from their official website.

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