4 Instagram Apps That Will Improve Your Mobile Brand Appeal

4 Instagram Apps That Will Improve Your Mobile Brand Appeal

No one is unknown from the spark of Instagram that has taken everyone by storm. Wherever you go, someone is using Instagram and following the brands and business, because let’s accept it, everyone is raving about the online pages. This is the main reason businesses and brands are investing in the Instagram profiles that not only increase brand visibility but increases the sales funnel as well.

With the right optimization and engaging content, you can easily gain the attention and focus of the target audience. Everyone is following the Instagram pages for the sake of visual content that is engaging to the eyes and as a brand, you need to work on the content if you want the audience engaged to your page.

Some brands don’t create the alluring content simply because they don’t have the right apps to help them which puts a full-stop to the creativity and sales funnel as well. Buy IG Followers To make sure you don’t go through that, we have compiled the list of top four apps that will transform the look of your Instagram profile. Have a look at them, use them as you like to turn the tables of your profit margins!

Vigo Videos

Long gone the days when pictures where the only medium to catch the attention of the user base. The recent reports show that videos tend to create a higher percentage of engagement. But again, creating engaging videos is the key factor that people tend to overlook. Digital marketing is an essential aspect for every brand these days and videos are playing an equally active role. If you want to change the outlay of your content, Vigo Videos will help you create the video collage or slideshow of the images.

These image slideshow can be edited as well and if you want, you can add the songs and music in the background. Along with music incorporation, you can adjust the captions and speed as well. The best thing is that you can share the videos directly on Instagram as well as on Facebook. So, hit the Apple App Store or Google Play to get yourself the app for video development!


You must have seen the reposted content on Instagram which is a common tactic of Instagram brands and businesses to add content to their profile. However, the real thing is that when some customer tags the brand in their post for the review purposes, they get a notification. With the Repost app, they can repost their post on the brand’s profile.

Your user base will know who put up the post and the credits will be awarded automatically as well. This factor will also create a trusting relationship with your customer base. The app is available for iPhone and Android users of the App Store and Google Play Store, respectively.


Everyone is aware of the dimension limitation on Instagram. There have been some brands that have been impacted by the dimension feature because it cuts out the border details of the images. However, with InstaSize, you can optimize the content, images as well as videos according to the dimensions of Instagram. Along with dimension optimization, you can also edit the pictures by adding the filters and changing the backgrounds. This app is easily available for iOS and Android users. So, download it right away to accentuate the posts while keeping a closed-end on the border details of the content.


The biggest mistake businesses and brands make is being sale’sy. By being sale’sy, we mean that brands and businesses only post the images or videos that talk about their product. This approach can put off the customers which can harm the overall reputation of the brand. This is why you need to branch out and put your focus on other posts that engage and inform the user base.

The best thing to do is to post the quotes and sayings that are aligned with your business niche. However, if you want to create something more dedicated and personalized, the app allows the users to write posts with multitudes of styles and fonts. These fonts and styles will transform ordinary quotes into attractive visuals.

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