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With YouTube being one of the bigges content-sharing platforms in the world, there are millions of possibilities for people to become video content creators on their own. But getting started isn’t always easy to do. With there being a flood of information and content about almost anything you could possibly imagine in the world. Finding a good niche market on YouTube is essential to having content creation success and building your own brand to hopefully monetize.

When it comes time to pick your niche topic to venture into, if you so desire, be sure that you pick something that you are extremely passionate and knowledgeable about. Without passion and knowledge, you won’t get very far in the content creation world of YouTube as you will quickly get burnt out and unenthusiastic about trying to push your content. You could be into reviewing online casinos, or collecting stamps, or giving your own sports hot takes. 

Whatever it might be, be sure it is right for you. But if you are still unsure and need a little guiding light, take a look at these popular niche topics for YouTube content creators.

Food and Cooking

Food and cooking is a very popular niche, especially for those that are good in the kitchen and have a knack for coming up with some very delicious recipes. This may sound very basic, but look at how popular the Food Network is. But the problem with the Food Network is that they assume that you have high level cooking talent and endless hours to cook gourmet meals for your family. That is not for everyone. Instead, people love content they can take into the kitchen on their phone and easily cook.

People are always looking to mix things up and try new foods for their family, especially if they are quick, easy, and healthy-ish. And the nice thing about the food and cooking niche is that there are so many smaller niches inside of it. For example, perhaps you just love cooking with wild game. Your content could be dedicated to cooking with wild game. Or perhaps you have an overflowing cook book of great crockpot meals. Create exciting content that is usable around what you love to cook.


Travel content is another great niche that you can find on YouTube and could be a great fit for you if you love to travel to various interesting places. Filming your travels and making a daily vlog about what you did that day in a certain location could be very helpful and entertaining to others. If they are vacation or tourist hotspots, you could be a guide that introduces places with pros and cons about visiting that place and help get started with their own adventures.

Traveling around the country is also becoming very popular with people sharing their experiences and views with other people. This is especially popular amongst those who RV or travel in conversion vans across the country, seeing popular attractions and even showcasing great spots that are off the beaten trail. Maybe this is the excuse you need to start traveling and having fun with it.


This is a pretty generalized niche that could enter a wide range of other niches, but the main goal is to bring entertainment value to people through your content. This can be a tough niche to make it in because you don’t always know what is going to catch on and what is not with an audience. But it can also be very rewarding. 

There are tons of YouTubers out there that are creating content based on a wide range of things while trying to bring entertainment value. Some open baseball cards on camera, hoping to hit a great card that is very valuable. Others review toys in funny voices. The sky’s the limit when it comes to pure entertainment value.

Creativity is paramount here with this niche. Being able to come up with new, creative ideas is the key to captivating audiences and staying relevant long term. This tends to be the niche that you see the biggest YouTube stars come from, but they are also the most talented when it comes to unique ideas.