Basic Needs To Start YouTubing

Basic Needs To Start YouTubing

YouTubing has become a very popular cultural phenomenon that has seen a lot of YouTube stars strike it rich when they finally go viral. But they didn’t just come out of nowhere as  instantaneous stars. They had to work through it, grow their skills and audience, and then finally hit it big. There is no timetable for making it to success and for some it may never happen, but that doesn’t mean that it is not worth a try.

Find something that you are passionately motivated by, and develop an idea of how to use that passion to create YouTube videos that others would love to watch. Maybe you have a passion for collecting stamps and want to share that passion with the world. Or maybe every year, you think that your March Madness Bracket is unbeatable and you want to pass advice onto others. Whatever your niche might be, give a shot, and start making YouTube videos to captivate an audience and grow your brand.

But there are some things that you will need to help you get off the ground and go. You might have to put up some capital upfront to buy a few of the necessities, but once you do, you will be well on your way to making content.


First and foremost, you will need some type of camera that has good visual qualities and does everything that you need it to do. This may sound expensive, but there are many cheaper options for a wide variety of different filming styles. And if a regular camera isn’t in the cards right away, the camera on your phone is probably sufficient enough to get you started until you can upgrade.

Know what you plan on doing. If you are going to be mobile and going to different locations, a camcorder type of digital camera would be very useful for on the go filming. If you are doing gaming videos or know that you are going to be more stationary with your setup, a high definition webcam might be the cheaper way to go and will help streamline the video footage onto your laptop or desktop computer for editing.

External Microphone

Once you have your camera, a good external microphone is next on the list. The camera you are using is good, but the microphones are too sensitive to ambient noise and can make audio hard to hear. This is where a good external microphone comes in handy. There are a variety of options at different price points.

Some microphones can be very pricey, especially if they are studio-level quality microphones, while others are USB style microphones that are great for beginners and will get the job done for those first starting out. When it comes to audio and microphones, you tend to get what you pay for. Just something to keep in mind as you explore your options.

Tripod and Camera Remote

For easier production processes, a tripod or other stable ways of setting up your camera are essential. You want to have a good, level setup so that your filming goes smoothly and looks great. You don’t need to break the bank with a tripod, but make sure that it has the features you are looking for and that it works with the type of camera you will be using.

A camera remote will make your life easier, especially when you’re doing videos alone. Let’s face it, you probably won’t have your own production team to run the camera for you. So a remote that allows you to adjust zoom and start and stop recording will be very beneficial and save you time as you start out.

Editing Software

A good chunk of investment money should go into the editing software that you choose to use. Yes, there are some good free options out there, but you will quickly find that they have their limitations and can only do so much, leaving you wishing there was more. Do your research and find a quality, affordable software system that allows you to have all the editing capabilities you need. This takes a basic video and allows you to add some pizzazz to it!

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