Famous And Popular Cakes Of The World

Famous And Popular Cakes Of The World

Cakes are loved by all. There are endless variations of cakes that are available these days and each day a new recipe is evolving across the world. But yes, there will always be a special space for the traditional cakes because those recipes have won hearts through years now.

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Though there are too many variations of cakes available these days they are a few cake variations that one must try because they are popular all over the world and they have a history to share because they have originated in some country or the other.

New Zealand and Australia: Pavlova

It is a very popular meringue cake and this cake was named after a very popular Russian ballet dancer named Anna Pavlova when she visited New Zealand. This particular cake has a crisp meringue shell which mainly covers a marshmallow like centre and this cake is mostly topped by colourful fruits. They can be strawberries most commonly.

Italy: Panettone

 This one is actually a bread but this is also considered to be a dessert item traditionally and is mainly eaten during Christmas and in New Year. This one has its origin in Milan but presently it is eaten all over the world and mostly during the time of festivals.

Mexico: Tres Leches Cake

This is also known as the three milks cake. It is a sponge cake which is made by soaking it in 3 types of milk. They are condensed milk, evaporated milk and some heavy cream. This cake is mainly topped with maraschino cherry which is actually a traditional finish.

Egypt: Basbousa

This cake is an Egyptian semolina cake which is always soaked in a simple syrup. This cake is very popular in Middle East and in some parts of Europe as well. This cake is delicious to eat but the best part is, it is even easier to bake at home.

Greece: Cheesecake

Many people do not have the idea that cheesecake was actually originated in Greece. But it is true that the very first cheesecake was made in a Greek Island called Samos and that too was as early as in 2000 BC. Also it is said that cheesecakes were served to the athletes in the first Olympics game which happened in 776 BC. This was given to give them a boost of energy.

China: Moon cake

This cake is traditionally served during the time of the mid autumn festival and this cake is believed to bring good luck. This cake looks like a round pastry which has a thick filling and they are heavily decorated.

Austria: Strudel

This is a typical Austrian dessert which is mainly made of layered pastries and that too with a sweet filling. The oldest recipe of this cake is said to be found in the Vienna city library.

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