Changes In Modern Gifting Pattern Of People

Changes In Modern Gifting Pattern Of People

The perfect part of celebrations gifts. From the era of Gods to days of overlapping patterns of neorealism gifts have been constant. Winning hearts of make-up artists is by gifting makeup products and that of a gastronomist is with constant feed of world cuisine into their blood. The traditions have not changed nor have they been any lesser means to impress people of any age. Believers of magic still believe that anything can be won by hoodwinking, through the agile trick of magic, the magic that belongs to gifting. Festivities always demand gifts. From Global celebrations to regional or tribal communal rituals gifts have always been exchanged and would be exchanged as tokens of love.

Gifting Isn’t An Option It’s A Choice

Some gifts are disregarded by man since they are too meagre to be considered as important. But this is how we learn to see the world disregarding the abundance. We are showered with light, air, water but never do we value these gifts of nature. So, this kind of approach must be rectified before it’s too late to take over. Nature irrespective of a man’s religion or status has given us an equal share of resources and expects nothing but the preservation of those gifts for generations to come.

The Unusual Gifts

The most common gifts that we receive in these days of technological advancement are e-gifts. This term may be common but it is consummate when it comes to its nature. It includes all stationery, clothing, perfumes, watches and all, even those who send birthday chocolates are also a part of this e-gifting system.

Cakes, pastries, food have all been included as an extension of online gifting traffic. The current generation is a huge fan of online traffic since it requires minimum physical effort and hassle. All is solved within a few clicks and your parcel swings up to you or your best friend’s bedroom either within two to three business days or maybe within a few hours depending on what is being demanded. These e-gifting systems have some minimal delivery charges and based on ratings of profile dealers are gifts sorted among the ushers for multilateral distribution.

Gifts Of Time

 Postal systems have fallen squarely on the face with the advent of the internet. Nowadays, sending birthday chocolates by post would be considered as old fashioned but honestly, that is what gifting meant to people we’re separated by geographical barriers. Otherwise, love and affection always demanded a physical presence. Letters, cards, proposals all had always been shared by post. For a soldier, that parcel received on the war zone can never be compared to any number of those fancy chocolates or watches or perfumes that are gifted as an act of being societal.


We all believe in maximum time usage, but all that is heritage should never be lost in an online traffic jam. Geographical limitations should only be bridged by online gifting systems, to prove one’s affection physical presence is highly regarded.

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