Which Electrical Wire Should You Use? Do You Have Any Clue?

Which Electrical Wire Should You Use? Do You Have Any Clue?

There are so many accessories in your house that do support the bigger picture. The power in your house is possible because of the electrical wires. Do you actually pay attention to the wires that you use or install? You have to be really prudent about every wire you install.

You can certainly have a word with the wire manufacturers and find out what type of wires they have for you. Well, you all have done it. Walk into an electric supply store and head to buy some electrical wire for a specific project that you have at home. In most of the instances, you really have any clue how one kind of wire is different from the other. Even more, you cannot simply tell the difference between one hundred -amp wire and two hundred -amp wire, let alone the difference between twenty -amp and thirty -amp wire. If you think you have no idea about these things, just relax because you are not alone.

It is better to acquire knowledge!

It is always good to know which type of wire you need. Do you think you have the right length and the type? It is not too difficult to choose the right wires once you have all the basics in mind. After all, who does not want to get the best wiring installed in their house!

Not only are there diverse kinds of wiring, both indoor and outdoor wiring, but there are even underground wiring and particular types, such as heat resistant and corrosion-proof wiring. If it is not sufficient to distinguish the differences, there is even copper and aluminium wiring. Every stuff has its own distinct wire sizes and ampacity carrying abilities.

Though aluminium wiring used to get used in the past, yet, in the present times, the homes make use of copper wiring. Aluminium wiring mostly heated up under load, triggering it to turn out to be loose in the connections and at times even caused electrical fires.  The connections already in homes could work forever untouched and not burdened, but it is better to go for electrical upgrade by replacing your wiring to copper.

Colouring of the wires

Wire colouring makes the wires do appear pretty, right? Well perhaps, but the real reason for the colours of wires is to recognize them for their envisioned uses. The green wire is always used for earthing in the past. The “hot” wires, feeding branch circuits, were generally green in colour.  When you deal with NM wiring, the colours are mostly black and white for two conductors wiring. It is that of red, black and white for three conductors wiring.  In most instances, black or black and red get used as hot wires for traveling or feed conductors. The white is mostly neutral, but not in all the instances. You know what, sometimes the third wire, being that of white wire, gets used as a “switch leg” or “hot’ in circuit.


Thus, the important thing is that even if you have knowledge, you must talk to electrical cable wire manufacturers and they might help you with making the best choice as per your need.

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