What is the role of Mohammad Haris Nalapad?

What is the role of Mohammad Haris Nalapad?

Nalapad Ahmed Haris is the son of the Mohammad Haris NalapadHe is the one of the Indian businessmen and politicians of the Indian National Congress and also a member of the Karnataka Legislative assembly from the Shanthinagar constituency. He won the seat by nineteen thousand votes in the 2013 of Karnataka legislative election. He is also working as the chairman of the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation.

What is the role of the Mohammad Hari Nalapad in the Indian film industry?

The Indian film industry is one of the places where the talents are getting born every day and providing the opportunities for all. Mohammad Haris Nalapad is going to be starred in the Bollywood of the Indian film industry. His campaign for the anti-drugs, and the active participation in the rallies to encourage the youths.

What is the history of the Mohammad Naris Nalapad?

First, he was lived in the Kerala. After he was shifted his family to the Karnataka leads to start a new life. Initially, he has owned the scrap metal store.

He was financially stable but he is not satisfied with his income. So he always thinks about interesting things to change his life. After some years he is shifted to the Bangalore. He started the buttermilk store in the Vasanth Nagar. On this business, he got more profits and later he owned many schools, hotels, and also started to handling many government projects. The powers of the manpower and money power which helps the Mohammad Haris Nalapad to enter into the politics.

How Mohammad Haris Nalapad entered into the politics?

He never a competitor in the Karnataka election but his closer bond with the people says that his ambition was entering into the politics. His son so much interest in the politics. He completed his father’s ambition in the politics.

Haris Nalapad’s business help to enter into the politics. He had a close relationship with the Karnataka millionaire politicians and ministers named as George. As very fast they become very close to each other. The minister helped him to occupy the place inside the congress party.

Then he became the close with the Karnataka congress members and also with their families. As soon he got the opportunity for the election to become MLA. He was selected by the people and seated as MLA. His service satisfies the peoples as well. But unfortunately, his son was arrested for some reason. After few years he made his son as general secretary of the Bangalore on the youth congress election.

Why the congress leaders make the distance between Mohammad Haris Nalapad?

His son was arrested for some reason and put into the jail. After that, he tried for the bail but continuously the bail was rejected and he also got avoided by the congress peoples and he was struggled more to get back his position.

His is fulfilled his dream and he is still trying for the position of president of the youth congress. His dream and wish are peoples called him as Bangalore youth congress president Mohammad Haris Nalapad.

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