Top Tips On How To Play Fantasy Cricket Online

Top Tips On How To Play Fantasy Cricket Online

Fantasy cricket is amid the most popular fantasy games in India today. It is closest a person can get to playing the real cricket game. Here, the competitors make a virtual team of real players, and with the right strategy and skill, win the game. Each player has a point and the scoring takes place how the chosen players perform in the LIVE matches.

Top tips for fantasy cricket play online

  • Understand player performance

One of the common errors made is, choosing a player just based on their ignoring and reputation in their current form. Players such as Harbhajan Singh or Yuvraj Singh were in great form in 2012 and 2013, but if we talk about today, then they are not seen in several matches. It is much better to search for players who are found playing in most of the matches. In this manner, you are convinced to choose players who are playing in the usual way in the present cricket matches.

  • Ensure your players are playing on that day

This appears like a very basic thing but is frequently totally overlooked. The worst thing that can take place for you is to choose a team of players that are actually not playing the real game. The smart cricket tip is to avoid players who have been benched all through the season. Further, if you have any doubt whether a specific cricketer is playing your chosen match, avoid choosing him, no matter how great his records show. If you make a team that has players who are not playing the live game actually, you will just lose the match for sure.

  • Understand the pitch performance

Any cricket lover will know that every pitch is diverse. A flat pitch is every batsman’s preferred, and for such a pitch, choosing the minimum number of bowlers is a good way to plan your gameplay tactic. If you are thinking about how to win fantasy cricket, then you need to get this cricket tactic just right.
Other than that, you should also look strongly, how the pitch has behaved in the earlier matches, and then take an estimated decision.

  • Estimate the investments made

There are several players who are priced on the higher side and yet do not perform up to the standards of their bid. Choosing such players would mean you invest considerably more on such players and yet not get the preferred outcome. A good fantasy cricket game tactic would be to focus on the young and skilled players and create a balance for your team. This will offer you better results, and you would be able to win more cash rewards too.

  • Choose top-order batsmen

There are top players who are considered as the best hitters of the ball, but when it comes to the batting order, they come at #5, #6, #7. What it does is, lessen the chances to bat as compared to the top four batsmen. This plays an essential role, particularly when we explain about T20s and ODIs. Hence, do you actually want to select batsmen who might or might not get a chance to bat in the game? Choose players who are batting in the first four positions to enhance your cricket game tactic.

  • Bonus points

When playing with a point system, you certainly want to score extra points as well. There are bonus points awarded for stumping, catches, and even run-outs. It is significant to track players who take catches regularly and do extremely well as fielders. This is sure going to enhance your point score.

  • Strike bowlers

It is not just batting, but you also need to plan well when you select the bowlers. Selecting bowlers with low rates will not assist you to reach the targets. This means you will not get several points as well. It is essential to choose wicket-taking bowlers, although they might be giving away more runs. Choose players who may give a six once in a while, but their wicket-taking appetite is high.

  • Selecting the captain and vice-captain

The captain earns you 2X points while the vice-captain gives you 1.5X points. The blend of these two people is essential for your team. Yet, you need to use these points in the most efficient way possible. The best way to get this done is by choosing an all-rounder captain who can offer the best performance on the field and also offers the maximum number of points.

  • Choose the correct planning approach

By now, you must have understood essential fantasy cricket tips to form the right team and succeed the match. Another factor that you should always remember is planning in advance and then keeping track of the fixtures. You should plan on the first team, and of course, pick the substitutes, as per the forthcoming games. Putting the tactic right at the starting is one of the most significant things to make sure your win in fantasy cricket.

  • Selecting uncapped players

When playing fantasy cricket games, every team also necessitates having one uncapped player. Uncapped players are those who are yet to take part in a minimum one international match for their country. You can choose bowlers who bowl in the middle overs and also the wicket-keeper batsman. It is important to strategize about your team, but it is similarly essential to enjoy the game. Every cricket lover understands the game already; now, you just need to get into the decision maker’s shoes. With every game, your strategy will enhance, and you’ll get more confident in choosing players and forming a winning combination.

When it comes to choosing the best fantasy cricket play online, it is important to strategize your team, but it is similarly important as a cricket lover to enjoy the game. With each game, your tactics will enhance, and you will be better at this assignment. In the end, it always comes down to a bit of fortune!

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