Top Indian Children Movies Everyone Must Watch

Top Indian Children Movies Everyone Must Watch

There are so many themes that are adopted and used by movie makers. Talking about Bollywood, you can come across so many children movies. You can pick the movies that are specifically made for kids. Do you love to watch kids’ movies?

Well, kids’ movies are always entertaining, enjoyable and most importantly happy. You should watch these movies if you have never watched them. Have a look at some of the movies below and you would be tempted to watch them.

TaareZameen Par

It is a great movie, seriously an uplifting and inspiring slot. This is the type of movie that can be watched by everyone, irrespective of the age.  The movie is not just about the kid but also about the overall education style, how the child stays motivated in his own ways and despite his reading disability, he excels at the tasks he does. The movie beautifully captures the lifestyle of a young boy ‘Ishaan’, a dyslexia child. He was a struggler in his life. The movie has depicted a beautiful lesson to everybody that every child is different and possesses different needs in this world.


This is a great movie that portrays a story of thousands of youth from Indian middle-class families. These are the individuals who have the desire to break free and follow their dreams passionately. The movie was selected in the Film festival in the year 2010 to compete in UN Regard. It was the foremost Indian film to get selected in Cannes.  The movie surely opens up new prospective to life. Whoever watches this movie would be full of praise for it.

The Blue Umbrella

This is a good movie that is based on an Indian novel by Ruskin Bond. This is the wonderful movie to watch, directed by Vishal Bhardwaj. The movie will surely teach any child that even a villain does not really deserve cruelty or judgement in life. The movie is created in a thoughtful and amazing manner. Kids would not just love it but also learn from it.

I Am Kalam: A must watch movie

This is a strange, but an inspiring film indeed. The movie does depict a story of a Rajasthani boy who looks up to current Kalam and finds the courage to follow his dreams in a passionate manner.  This movie can entertain, encourage and motivate any heart. Kids should definitely watch this movie.

Anjali Movie

A great story of a two-year-old mentally disabled ill girl, who was kept away from her mother. The movie was directed by Mani Ratnam, in the film a couple is portrayed who has a third child who is mentally challenged. She is on an edge of dying, and how her family deal with in this unwelcome trauma is portrayed hard in this movie. The movie surely hits the emotional and compassionate strings of the audience, and leavesa learning for kids too.


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