The Benefits of Truck Freight Shipping

The Benefits of Truck Freight Shipping

Full truckload freight shipping, also known as FTL refers to a mode of transport where shippers have enough products going to a specific destination to completely fill an entire van or use a full flatbed trailer.  A shipment can also be known as FTL if a shipper chooses to dedicate an entire truck to transport its partial cargo load.  Usually, the load is more than 10,000 pounds and over ten pallets.

There are many benefits when using full truckload shipping and they are:-

  • Lower cost for high-volume destinations.  As more drivers are going to high-volume destinations, they are encouraged to offer better rates to shippers with freight.
  • Independent full truckload rates depend on fuel cost, distance, and lane. This means shippers have bargaining power with carriers and drivers, which help keep costs down.
  • Full truckload is more cost-effective than Less Than Truckload (LTL shipping services). This is because full truckload only has one place of pickup and drop off instead of multiple places. Less wear and tear on the truck which will also result in reduced shipping costs.
  • The delivery time for full truckload shipping is also faster than other types of freight shipping. As full truckload shipments are only traveling to one destination, there will be fewer stops.
  • Full truckload shipping carries less risk than other modes of shipping.  This is because your freight gets handled much less from the time of pickup until it arrives at the destination. This is ideal for sensitive or perishable goods.

Types of Truckload Shipping Vehicles 

There are several transportation options available when shipping freight by a full truckload.

Dry Van Trailer (Enclosed)
These trailers are ideal for protecting the freight from harmful elements due to weather or road conditions.

Refrigerated Trailer
Refrigerated trailers are temperature-controlled and perfect for transporting cold or frozen goods. These trailers are more expensive than other options because extra fuel is needed to control the temperature,

Flatbed Carrier
Flatbeds are versatile and are typically used to transport large items like manufacturing or construction equipment.

Step Deck Trailer
This is also known as drop decks.  These trailers are similar to the flatbed carrier design and are often intended to transport freight with height restrictions.

Shippers use Full Truckload when:

    • There are enough items to fill the entire truck.
    • The customer prefers a whole truck dedicated to their goods for safety reason.
    • The freight is time sensitive.
    • The weight of the cargo makes it more cost effective than less than truckload.

A business owner has to understand how important it is to select the right carrier to transport his goods. A shipment which is not dealt with correctly can lead to damage, lost goods or delays.  In order to avoid spending more or wasting time searching the internet to look for the right shipping company, you should use an online freight platform like Shiply. With this platform, you can get connected to a list of verified freight companies who will send you their quotes.  Once you have gone through the quotes, choose the one that best suits your requirement and get your next shipping job started right.  In only a few quick steps, you will have your shipping needs met at competitive prices.

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