Ten Common UI Design Mistakes That Kills Conversation

Ten Common UI Design Mistakes That Kills Conversation

According to Leonardo da Vinci, simplicity happens to be the ultimate form of sophistication. Whatever is being designed becomes the catchword. It also happens to be among the basic requirements for effective User Interface design.

To convert, attract and retain, the UI must satisfy three criteria. It has to be beautiful enough, it must be engaging, and it should elicit an emotional response from the user.

The same applies to every work of art. The only difference is, art can hold on to complexity to a certain extent. However, User Interface cannot.

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On the other hand, conversion happens to be the outcome of a successful customer journey.  A successful journey depends on the reduction of efforts. These days customers do not have the time to go through loops to get what is needed.

Here is a list of the common UI design mistakes that can destroy conversion:

Unresponsive Design

More than 3.5 million people worldwide were using mobile devices to go online. It was observed that when users cannot enjoy the features on a particular web site, they leave.

An unresponsive design prevents a user from availing the best UX possible. It adds to the effort rather than reducing it. It forces the customers to re-think the purchase decision and refer to someone else.

Cluttered Layout

Designers always love the creative mess, but consumers don’t. So, the best is to put oneself in the shoes of the customers. Cluttered websites are always frustrating for users. When there are multiple elements on a page, there is always a competition for user attention.

Without knowing where to look, the possibility is high that a user might miss something important like a discount or something.

Unintuitive Navigation

Once the clutter has been taken care of, the remaining elements must be appropriately organised. It involves two things – navigation and hierarchy. Absence of a hierarchy can be quite confusing for a user. The headings must convey the mission statement, and it must inform the customers how they can benefit from it. The website navigation has to be crystal clear.

Uninviting CTAs

CTAs help to condense all the conversion power in a single button.  It must be distinct from the background and should be able to grab the attention of the user. The design has to be useful, but overall it must be simple. A CTA must be big enough to stand out but at the same time must be compact enough to be inviting.

Generic Imagery

Visuals are crucial in marketing and branding. It helps to attract visitors and make them happy. It thus helps to create a mood and attract visitors. Visitors come to a site for a solution since they want to trust. However, they can never trust if they see a lie right in the beginning. Website imagery must be inspiring and authentic enough.

No Social Proof

Feedback of the customers, user generated content along with testimonials might be essential. However, there must be a place for all on relevant pages. It is crucial for sales and branding, which means that web sites can’t be designed in the absence of social proof. Without any social proof, there is no substantial credibility for the services and products. More than 60 per cent of online buyers go through reviews before making any purchase.

Too Much Text

Most visitors do not read but go through the content. Nobody has the time to look through heaps of text. Too much text on a page is not going to serve any purpose. It will either distract or overwhelm visitors from taking action. Things must be explained in detail and include as many keywords as possible.

Slow Page Loading Speed

More than 45 percent of people expect to load a web page in less than two seconds. The study also indicates that delay in loading a page by even a second leads to more than 10 percent lesser page views, more than 15 per cent less customer satisfaction than 5 per cent less conversion. It must also be noted that the loading speed of a page affects search engine ranking. It applies in both mobile and desktops.

Make The User Think

Simplicity happens to be among the most important characteristics of an effective User Interface. The ultimate goal is to convert all the users as quickly as possible. If the visitors are given the time to re-think the decision, in all probability they will go for it. The other way round, if they get a headache, they will bounce within no time.

Designing For Yourself

Last but not least, common UI mistakes involve yourself. As a designer, the rules of an effective user experience must be followed. Once the website meets the first nine requirements, you can always experiment with creativity. However, make sure you work closely with the sales and marketing teams for coming up with the best design approach.

No user interface design is without obstacles. However, nothing to worry about much since things can be road-mapped to perfection.

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