SEO Link Building Tips for Beginners: Avoid Google Penalties

SEO Link Building Tips for Beginners: Avoid Google Penalties

Having an excellent website with a good ranking is a great accomplishment. Several webmasters are aware of many ways to boost the rankings of your website.

However, these ways can sometimes be ethical and unethical based on the experience of the owner of the website. However, Google penalties may hamper your rankings and to an extent, these penalties can be easily avoided. 

If you are an SEO professional, you might be aware that links are the central part of SEO and links are a significant ranking factor. Several SEO services help you with the ranking of your website and avoiding Google Penalties. 

One of the most common methods to boost the rankings of your website is link building. Having an outstanding link building strategy can ensure that your website welcomes a massive amount of traffic through both inbound and outbound links on your website or the other websites. And sometimes, these links lead to Google Penalties.

When you get wrong links on a considerable scale that can harm your website, your site can get algorithmically downgraded by Google, or you might face a manual action or penalty.

Thus, wrong links can harm the ranking of your site. In this article, we will help you with SEO link building tips to avoid Google Penalties.

If you don’t have much time looking into these matters, you can hire some professionals to do the work in your place and build your SEO and increase your ranking.

Techmagnate is an SEO company in Gurgaon that helps you improve your site’s ranking on the internet by avoiding Google penalties. 

5 Tips to Build Your SEO by Avoiding Google Penalties

  • Discussion Forum Links

Not all forum links are spam. However, if a link comes from a good website, then it is worth keeping and will not be viewed as spam. But, if a considerable number of links are coming from a foreign discussion, these links are of low quality and spammy and will not be suitable for your website, especially in the eyes of Google.

  • Random NoFollow Links

You can circumvent Google’s criteria by randomizing your footprint, which will lead the spammy link building to go undetected. However, with the advancement of everything, it has become challenging to create randomized impressions that might get undetected from the eyes of Google. Using an automated program can get detected by Google unless it’s random.

  • Press Release Links

About ten ago, press release links were very common and super easy to get. After getting these links, you will get an instant 100 of links. However, this SEO tactic worked well but was abused thoroughly.

SEO services recommend using branded URLs as your anchor text if you must have a website link because of uncontrollable factors. Use only one link from the area of contact of the press release. 

  • Links From Foreign Guest Books

You can place the links from the foreign guest books manually or with automated programs. Ensure that you use a limited amount of these links as high usage of these links can lead to a drop of ranking.

  • Private Blog Networks

PBNs are an excellent method to build links to get the rankings. You can quickly randomize the footprints without harming your rankings. After using this method, you will be able to face significant benefits. But Google can detect and punish most of the PBNs out there.


Links can be beneficial for your website, but enough usage of these links can lead to Google penalties and lower your rankings. However, if you make sure to use branded anchor text if possible, using naked URLs, not using the exact keyword anchor text, avoid getting links from bad sites, get links from good authority sites and engage with people. 

There are several ways to build your SEO and links are one of the most common methods but can lead to several issues. You can even consult an SEO company in Gurgaon to ensure that you don’t have to face Google Penalties.

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