How to Prepare Your Apartment for a First Date: Interior Design Advice

How to Prepare Your Apartment for a First Date: Interior Design Advice

There was a recent study on the role that an apartment and its state play on the quality of date, and here are its results.

  •      Is it possible to impress a partner with a stylish interior?

87% say yes!

  •      Prepare your apartment! This will increase your chances of a successful date!

50% of men and women can end their relationship because of an unattractive apartment

15% of respondents have already done so

  •      Make sure your apartment is completely ready.

36% of respondents pay attention to the kitchen

19% of respondents pay attention to the general feeling of comfort

22% of respondents pay attention to bookshelves

  •      How to impress a man?

23% of men are impressed when they see fitness equipment

31% of men love pets

  •      How to charm a woman?

A well-furnished house will make a positive impression on a woman in 63% of cases

32% of women love seeing pets at their partner’s apartments

  •      What if a man lives with his parents?

Unfortunately, for 26% of women, this is not an option.

  •      Put your place in order to impress a person.

95% of respondents clean up the house before a date.

5 tips for preparing your apartment for a first date

  1. The kitchen and library add to the appeal.

Are you not sure which room to focus on when preparing for a date? Start with the kitchen! The vast majority of men and women surveyed are unanimous: a clean and well-equipped kitchen will instantly enhance their sympathy for a new acquaintance.

No less important are books. Is there a bookshelf in the apartment, and what kind of literature is on it? 22% of the respondents will definitely pay attention to this. If you are dating a girl after a breakup, then this is a great way to show that you’ve been self-improving all this time.

  1. Men are scared of motivational notes, cosmetics, and soft toys.

Most men admitted that they fear women who have a lot of motivational notes in their house. Plush toys and an excessive amount of cosmetics will also scare off the stronger sex – a third of the men spoke out against them.

  1. Women are frightened by parents behind the wall, man caves, and videogame consoles.

Does the man live with his parents? For a third of women surveyed, this is a reason to immediately stop communicating!

Bare walls and Spartan furnishings with a lonely mattress on the floor scared 63% of the ladies surveyed from continuing relations. A videogame console in a prominent place will alert 40% of women.

  1. How to impress a man: books and sports

Most men especially like it when a woman has a lot of books at home. Dumbbells, an exercise bike, or other sports equipment will also make the most positive impression on a man.

  1. How to impress a woman: pet and family portraits

A pet will add appeal to the eyes of most women. In second place in popularity in the man’s house are family portraits.

Housing can tell a lot about the nature of a person – judging by the results of the survey, most Americans are sure of this! Take the extra time to get ready for a date at home and make a good impression on your partner.

Other tips on how to increase your chances at a first date

One of the main mistakes is insincerity. Many people try to play some role, telling things that they think should be said to please their partner on a first date. And when a person eventually shows their real self on the second and third dates, their partner clutches their head with the words “you told me something completely different on the first date.” And you know, what is the most common answer to such a question? “Well, you wouldn’t like me like that.”

Talk about who you are. There will always be someone who loves you like that. Otherwise, by telling tales, you will simply waste time in vain – both yours and that of your partner.

Very often the problem on the first date is the phone and social networks. If you are on a date with a person who is clearly interesting to you, then let the whole world wait, and all of your friends who are waiting for you to like their posts on social networks will have to wait. Your personal life is more important. The first date happens only once, and the first impression is no different.

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