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If you are new to the trumpet, or if you have a child that is just starting out, you are sure to come across the question of how to find the best trumpet for students.  Surprisingly, the answer doesn’t have to be that difficult.  Aside from borrowing one from the school, or renting one from the local music store, there are many great options available to purchase a student trumpet.

First off, you need to know what you are looking for.  Obviously, you will want to be wary of most trumpets that are made in China.  Usually, they are made out of cheap materials and with shoddy workmanship, and will usually fall apart after just a year or two of normal use.  There are some exceptions to this, however, with Carol Trumpets being one of the better quality products coming out of China.

Different Brands 

If you absolutely have to have a brand new horn, be prepared to spend several hundred bucks.  Yamaha and Jupiter Trumpets have come a long way in the last several years, and make some very durable student model horns.  A Getzen Trumpet is known to have some of the best valves available on any horn, while Bach and Kanstul Trumpets both have a superior reputation for making quality trumpets for every level of player.

There are many different places to find great deals on used trumpets as well.  You can check your local music store, the local paper, and classified ads.  You can also broaden your search online to include trumpet forums, music stores all over the country, and also shopping sites like eBay.  A used horn is a great idea for a beginner, as most students that pick up the trumphet don’t continue to play for more than a year or two.

Great idea

Finding a deal on a used horn is a great idea, as it normally allows you to buy a better trumpet for the same amount of money.  One of the best options available for the beginning musician would be to find a used Olds Ambassador Trumpet…the older the better.  The Olds Ambassador will play as well as most professional model trumpets, are known for silky smooth valves, and are built like a tank so they will withstand the abuses of even the youngest player.

There are many great options available to purchase a student trumpet.  You can even borrow one from the school, or rent one from your local music store.  One of the most common questions that you come across if you are new to the trumpet, or if you have a child that is just starting out, is how to find the best trumpet for students.  We hope that we have unlocked that mystery today.

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