How is The Campus Life at Manipal University

How is The Campus Life at Manipal University

Campus life is fantastic for students at the Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), one of India’s top academic and research institutions. The university is situated at Manipal, a beautiful coastal town in Udupi district, Karnataka. It is the preferred institute for thousands of aspiring engineering students from all over India and even foreign nations.

The incredible campus life students experience here is one of the main reasons for the institute’s popularity. MIT offers world-class educational facilities, has some of the best teaching faculties in India, a well-equipped library with an excellent collection of books, and other modern infrastructure. 

What Makes Campus Life at Manipal University Special?

Let us study in detail what makes life at the campus here so unique and enjoyable. 

The amazing clubs at Manipal

For students who study here, the institute’s clubs are like their family, and they help them evolve and discover their potential in other walks of life. MIT is known for its culture of student bodies and clubs that enable students to interact with each other irrespective of their nationality or courses.

The clubs are of two types; technical clubs for academically-inclined students and non-technical clubs for those interested in pursuing extracurricular activities like music, dance, or theatre. 

  • Technical clubs: These clubs are excellent for students to explore their hidden potential and exchange their views on different subjects with other students and experts in the fields. Some of the technical clubs students can join here are the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE), BMESI – Manipal Chapter, ISTE – Indian Society for Technical Education, and IE Bio-Tech – Institute of Engineering, to name a few.
  • Non-technical student clubs: Students can explore their passion for music, dance, and other art forms at The Mafia Music and Fine Arts Club. They can enhance their personality traits by joining the SPD – Society for Personality Development. They can discover astronomy’s joys at the Astronomy Club by taking part in events like night skywatch. Students passionate about photography could be members of the Photographic Club and attend workshops and seminars on photography and filming.    

Innovation Centre:

 The MIT Innovation Centre is an excellent opportunity for students to develop their creative and entrepreneurial abilities. With 16000 sq. ft. of space and state of the art lab facilities, the center is an excellent platform for students to innovate, develop ideas, and create products.

There are exclusive workshops for students with experienced faculty to train them in entrepreneurship skills. The center’s vision is to encourage the development of at least ten patented ideas every year with two innovative ideas that are relevant socially. The center’s main focus areas are IT in Healthcare, agriculture, and renewable energy and energy conservation systems. 

Community Services

Students can participate in various projects that are targeted to benefit society. One of them is the Volunteer Services Organization (VSO), an initiative for students to participate in activities aimed to help the needy. Students could indulge in health camps, dental camps, walkathons, help conduct marathons smoothly, visit patients at cancer wards in hospitals, and participate in fun activities like the Tarang, Carnival, or arts crafts work.

Exploring the cultural life of Manipal

Manipal is very well-connected by road and rail. Students can explore fantastic sightseeing places in and around the campus, such as the serene Manipal Lake or the holy Sringeri temple at Udupi. They can participate in outdoor activities like strolling at the Malpe beach, hiking at the Western Ghat peaks, visiting the Madhav Nagar Museum, surfing the waves at the Indian Ocean, and so forth.

Sports and recreation activities

Sports loving students will find plenty of outdoor and indoor recreational opportunities to pursue, along with activities needed for relaxation and entertainment.

Manipal University provides the best educational facilities in India and provides an exceptional campus life, enabling a student’s all-around holistic development. It enhances their innovative skills and encourages entrepreneurship qualities. It gives students the chance to study and engage with students from all over the world with different cultural backgrounds. It also provides them opportunities to contribute meaningfully to the society and readies them socially and intellectually for their career and life.
Manipal Institute of Technology has a wonderful campus and is a great place to grow academically; it offers numerous opportunities to excel in life. Check out the to know more about MIT.

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