How can Startups improve customer engagement with Softphone?

Softphone solution in India is becoming popular because it offers much more than desk phones. Softphones for business are making work-from-home easier as they can be used anywhere and at any time. Easy set-up, multilingual features, automation, call recording, labeling contacts, and caller identification are some important features that have helped in making softphones for business very popular.   A softphone solution is a software application that can be installed in any electronic communication device like smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. It connects the devices to a VoIP network and enables them to make phone calls using the internet. The softphones for business impersonate the desk phones with a phone interface on the computer, display a dial pad, and also come with the options of mute, hold and transfer of calls. Softphone solution for business offers the option for video calling, conferencing, visual voicemail management, chat, SMS, and much more. VoIP service with softphone adds more advantages to any business. Voice over IP is an excellent method of having affordable telephonic communications. It operates differently than switched telephone communications and has unique value-added features. Some cloud-based VoIP providers offer unlimited calls and even long-distance calling, thus offering business options to expand their business in the international market. VoIP service with softphones is cheaper than traditional desk phones. Thus, it provides small size and medium-size businesses more benefits. A business can look into many softphone solution providers to choose the best VoIP service with a softphone.

Softphones for business are beneficial for the following features:

  1. Enhance customer service: A softphone solution offers better voice quality delivery to customers via the internet. The seamless connectivity ensures the reduction of noise and other disturbances. Thus guaranteeing communication and service delivery without any barrier.
  2. Scalable: It is easily scalable due to the advanced cloud-based technology. It does not require added investment or infrastructure for upgradation.
  3. Economical: It is economical as the software can be upgraded with ease. It does not require space for setup and eliminates infrastructural investment. The prices are flexible and a business can choose the low-cost solution as per the need of the business from several providers. It can be easily installed on a laptop/desktop/mobile phone with just an internet connection.
  4. Security: It addresses security concerns as the softphone manages to call operations through secured VPN access.
  5. Provide workforce productivity: Softphone enables the workforce the flexibility to work from any place without any trouble. It also reduces manual work as it comes with an easy multilingual feature, automation call, call recording, labeling contacts, caller identification, etc.
  6. Call control: Softphone solution offers queue to calls with mute, hold and warm transfer, queue call back, and voicemail features during customer’s wait time. It values customers’ time and also enhances service satisfaction.
  7. PSTN and Normal call lines: Softphones for business provides calls operations that can use either on the internet or PSTN. Flexibility is essential for helping a business to function with any line of connectivity.
  8. Real-time dashboard: Softphone for business can view interactions in real-time to call; whisper, barge, and snoop-in enhance customer interactions. A real-time dashboard helps a business record call information that can be used for marketing strategies, brand advertisement, and as tools for business surveys.
  9. Call recording: Softphones provide access to call recording that can be used for training, and marketing strategies and also works as evidence of better customer service.
  10. Call center metric: A business with softphones can custom filters to measure customer satisfaction, and agents’ performance to improve productivity.
  11. Call termination on SU/UI: Softphones allow terminating all inbound customer calls on the SR/UI panel from a laptop or desktop.

 Knowlarity communications is a cloud-based telephony company in Asia, which replaces traditional communication modes with cloud-based telephony solutions for small and large businesses. It is one of the most trusted and popular cloud telephony providers that offer services to 12,000 firms from 60 countries of the world. Knowlarity is also one of the popular providers of VoIP service with a softphone. It helps businesses with real-time dashboards along with call metrics recording. Knowlarity is regarded as of the best softphone solution providers because it offers softphones with WebRTC which is beneficial for startups.

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