Get Rid of the Hair Loss Problems with the Hair Transplant Surgery

Get Rid of the Hair Loss Problems with the Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair loss is a visual problem, especially for men. When a person tries products such as medicines and creams to regain his old hair, he cannot get the desired result. These products are only intended to protect existing hair. There is no method to remove new hair in hairless areas except haircutting. Hair transplantation; It is a procedure that must be performed by the skilled person in a sterile environment.

Hair transplantation, which requires a gentle and detailed study, is carried out in the direction of natural outflow of hair, transplanting the grafts in the fastest way, explaining the care process after transplantation are the factors that increase the success. The experienced team of Hair Transplant Centre in Ludhiana, who has been applying hair transplantation for 15 years, firstly determines the causes of hair loss and gives you the treatment you need.

The Natural Looking Hair Transplant Operation

Laser assisted hair transplantation is one of the most permanent treatment procedures in the case of hair loss. Laser-assisted hair transplantation is easier, more comfortable and more natural-looking hair transplantation operations can be performed. Using local anesthesia in the hospital environment, the hair follicles taken from the donor area designated as the nape region are transferred to the balding or diluting regions with minimally invasive techniques.

Both men and women with hair loss problems can benefit from laser assisted hair transplantation. It may be advisable to wait a little longer for young patients who are out of the age limit to continue hair loss and not to undergo hair transplantation again.

What to know about operation?

One week before the operation, aspirin and vitamin E should not be used because it causes blood to thin. The use of any other drug may affect the results of hair transplantation, the surgeon must be informed.

There is no limit to eating and drinking during the operation. To start the operation, the design of the hairline is completed first. Operation is started after local anesthesia is applied. During the operation, you can read books, watch movies or listen to music. After the operation, the patient returns home the same day. The next day, the first hair loss can be done.

Since the patient’s own natural hair is transferred, a natural look can be achieved. The results of the hair transplant operation are permanent as long as they are not shed due to another disease.

Hair Transplantation Planning

The most important part of the hair transplantation process is planning. During the planning phase, many issues are clarified, such as how many grafts will be sown, where to be sown, how many sessions the procedure will take, which blood tests will be required, and whether another doctor’s opinion is needed.

Visual Planning

After the general planning stage, visual planning process is started. Here, the patient’s photo archive is taken from many fronts. After the graft distribution planning has been applied to the scalp with a pen, it should be photographed again. Good planning prepares the ground for a relaxing operation for both the patient and the physician.

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