Every aspect of Ruby Gemstone

Every aspect of Ruby Gemstone

As it is widely known in Hindi, Ruby Gemstone or “Manikya” is one of the most important and mysterious gemstones among the list of nine gemstones aligned with an astrological body or planet and affected by it. This ruby stone has been respected as a significant and powerful gemstone since the ancient times of Hinduism. Gemstones have been used and prescribed for a long time, according to the most fitting one with the individual’s horoscope, to get the required favors and outcomes from a planet.

The Ruby Gemstone Image:

From deep pink to red, the shimmering and stunning ruby stone from Khannagems is accessible and can immediately inspire and attract the interest of any person for the same reason. The existence of the element chromium gives a natural deep pink or red color to the gemstone. Pigeon blood red is considered to have the highest quality ruby gemstones, along with a gentle and gliding touch and a sharp cutting design.

Ruby in the horoscope:

As it is understood, gemstones are advised and proposed in astrology after a thorough reading of a person’s horoscope by seeing and analyzing the overall planetary configurations and their impacts on the life of the person responsible. We are all made up of and influenced by electricity, which generates a field of energy around us. It has been said and assumed that the gemstones have the ability to influence our energy fields and our every reaction accordingly; strength and behavior (karmas) rely on this field of energy.

If a human has a poor and ill position with the planet Sun of malefic and negative planets such as Rahu, Ketu, and Shani, and if planet sun is put in the person’s 8, 6, 12th horoscope place, it is advised that he/she wear a ruby to get the highest results in life.

The sun as the controlling planet:

It is said that the ruby gemstone reflects the forces and strength of the planet’s sun. In astrology, the sun is regarded to be of greatest priority and is regarded as signifying the position of the father or king in a horoscope that demonstrates bravery, honor, honesty, strength, and authority. It is often said that the Sun is the heart of the human. If the location of the sun in the horoscope is optimistic and well-positioned, according to astrology, then the person will be imperial and valued in all aspects of his life. But, at the same time, the individual is expected to lack professional and financial integrity if the location of the sun is ill-positioned and is in an enemy symbol. It may also occur that the authorities, especially the government, would hardly receive any favor from him.

Ruby’s Astrological Benefits:

  • Wearing an actual Ruby gemstone buying from Khannagems will assist the person to enhance his “self-image” and in society, he will be noticed and valued better. By providing clarity of thoughts and emotions, it can also help to resolve stubbornness and stupidity.
  • When an individual wears a ruby, it is assumed that the authority, administration, and government will receive the favors.
  • If a person suffers from severe depression, it could also be advised to wear this stone as it will assist them to solve any kind of psychological and emotional failures in life.
  • In earlier times, this gemstone was worn only by people of high power or authority, such as kings. But now, if a person wants to achieve high prominence and economic advantages, as per astrology, he/she is recommended to keep it. The person wearing it will enjoy all the comfort and materialistic stuff in life.
  • A genuine ruby gemstone can bring to the realization of greater truth and self-awareness and a quest to reach the possible higher direction of existence.
  • A person suffering from not being able to establish goals and targets in life and if any preparation is failed, the person can be greatly benefited by wearing a ruby stone, as it will offer the much-required intelligence, concentration, clarity, and strong determination to remain on the current course.
  • In Vedic astrology, the sun is respected as a parent figure. It is also assumed to have a beneficial influence on the parental relationships of its wearers as well. The astrological advantages of wearing ruby stones include the ability to lessen tension from your connection with your dad. It makes sense to invest in a ruby ring, pendant, or bracelet to get the warmth back if you feel a weakened condition with regard to your parents.

Ruby’s Health Benefits:

The poor location of the sun in the horoscope can lead to a lot of diseases and illnesses, such as weak eyes, loss of confidence, rheumatic difficulties, problems with blood flow, fragile minds, symptoms related to bones, and much more. Wearing a ruby stone may help to alleviate or reduce the effects of such illnesses in the life of the person.

The Procedure to Wear Ruby Stone:

It should be tested before wearing and observed that the ruby is of the best standard and original since fake and synthetic ruby will cause a lot of damage in life than planned, so always make a point of purchasing a high-quality ruby from a reliable organization.

The Healing Power of Ruby:

The Red Cosmic Rays of the Ruby are linked to the Sun that reflects the Soul in Astrology. It also rules supreme over the bone structure on which the body’s strength resides. Ruby’s Red Cosmic Rays influence the mind’s focus and thereby make the mind goal-oriented, making it more likely to achieve. If they have the correct form of Aura, individuals who lack focus or have less understanding gain a lot from Ruby.

Power and strength radiate the striking beauty and clear spiritual features of the Ruby gemstone. It’s a versatile gemstone that in your life will bring amazing improvements. In general, the price of ruby stone per carat is high because it is a rare jewel, particularly if you are looking for actual Burmese stone.

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