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The kitchen is the heart of our home, we pour love in our favorite meals, spend time with our friends and socialize while gulping coffee, so your kitchen must be refreshed and reinvigorated to meet your standards. From splash modernism to classic industrialism, kitchen and dining room wall art will help you optimize and refresh your cooking space. Bracing some art in your kitchen and dining walls would add a pop of addition to spaces without remodeling the entire area. 

Whether you are inspired by a collection of blue and white china or prefer to go with a contemporary gray and white palette, or want to add a touch of whimsy, kitchen and dining room wall art offers color and patterns that can propel noticeable transformation that makes you love your kitchen even more. Art deco is rich, eclectic, and bold that will bring a smile to your face while glamming up your space.

Tips for Dining and Kitchen Room walls

  • Hanging art at eye level

You might have heard to hang artwork so the center of the print or canvas should be at eye level. Though you might find it easy enough until you consider that eye level for you might not be the same for other people in the household. The positioning of the picture should be 57-60 inches from the floor and also depends on the ceiling height. 

If walls in your kitchen are unoccupied by upper cabinets, then you can add some exclusive art pieces there or even can layer them. 

  • Hang in the dining area

If you don’t have space for big pieces in your kitchen, then the dining area next to the kitchen is an ideal place to embrace the matching artwork. There are pretty, practical, and nifty prints that would give dramatic impact and add a statement. Instead of big art pieces, choose double or same effect poster prints. 

The Pineapple art decor with bold shapes, well defined, and contrasts are vivid. It will draw focal attention and add an interesting dimension to your kitchen space. 

  • Above the sideboard in the kitchen

The area above the sideboard can be used to display art, you can either infuse big bold statement pieces or opt to showcase a collection of frame pieces against the wall. Single vibrant pieces of multi hues or movie posters can brighten up your walls. 

Yellow, red, green contrast elevates the art deco work. Each color statement catches the eye while giving a whimsy nook. 

  • Above the dining counter

Kitchen islands or counters in a modern home and studio apartments serve multiple functionalities. It is a good idea to anchor some beautiful pieces or conversation statements above the counter. Don’t overdo the area, choose stylish black and white or subtle color prints. Dining rooms don’t have to be stuffy. 

Boost visual interest with undeniably white flowers glam aesthetic that can be blended easily with wood and brass tones.

  • Print on refrigerator

If you have good blank space on the refrigerator and want to add some twist to it. Stainless steel refrigerators blend with modern kitchen and hanging wall art on it utterly transform it. Instantly transform your kitchen with vibrant hues or chalkboard panels to spot jot down your weekly grocery list. Framed sketches of good food and quotes make an inviting space. 

Yellow lemon quotes will draw the eye up an interesting dimension to your kitchen space. The yellow lemon would add glamour to the sheen surfaces and adds a pop of color to the industrial kitchen. 

Final words

One of the simple and brilliant kitchen art ideas is to pick large pieces that are neutral and monochromes, rather than using too many colors. Minimalist artworks will level up your kitchen into a sleeker and prevent space from looking too crowded. 

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