6 Ways to maintain your generator

6 Ways to maintain your generator

Generator acts as a backup source when there is no electricity. A sudden power cut stops all the production and other activities which causes loss. Here generator comes to the rescue. Many households and production units prefer generator to avoid interruption. It can help you to continue your work for hours without creating any problem. The generator has very small parts and can be installed easily with professional help. You can choose a generator according to your need and requirements.

As we use a generator during power cuts, the whole burden of electricity comes on it. Due to this, it is prone to malfunction. To keep your generator maintained, you can contact any service centre for generator maintenance in Delhi or other parts suitable to you. But it is also true that we can’t rely on the service providers every time for tiny things. So you must know some ways to maintain your generator yourself. Giving attention to small things can increase the shelf life of the generator. Maintaining your generator will help to prevent it from fall through or repairs. More attention will help it to last long with best functioning. To give a better life to it, the following points will help you to achieve it:

  • Change the oil- It is always advised to change the oil of the generator depending upon the brand, usage of the generator and the environment in which it works. The experts always advise changing the oil after every 50-100 hours of action for best efficiency and performance.
  • Clean it- A generator comes with many small parts. Cleaning the air filters will help it to keep them away from dust. There are many other parts such as rotor, stator etc. which function mainly in a generator. Keeping them clean will give a long-lasting life to your generator.
  • Start it up- Sometimes we don’t use a generator for a long time. Make sure to start your generator after a specific time for effective functioning. Also, pay attention at oiling the parts and changing the batteries, if required.
  • Cover it – If your generator is not in use, keep it covered. It will help your generator to keep it away from dust. You can use generator sheds, tents and plastic covers to protect it.
  • Avoid using old gas- It is always preferred to empty the fuel from the generator tank after every use. It will help the gas tank from abrasion and damage.
  • Prepare a checklist- For easy remembering, you can maintain a checklist for weekly and monthly inspection. The checklist can include changing the gas, clean air filters or to start the generator after a period.

So the above points will give you glimpses that how can you maintain your generator like a pro. If the situation goes out of control, don’t delay to contact a generator repair service provider. Many of the service providers will visit your home. There are many generator repair services Delhi and in other parts or areas as well.

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